Saturday, August 18, 2007

Christina Milian's Hot and Sexy Groove..

Now, let's talk about Christina Milian. Why is she being compared with Jennifer Lopez?
Well.. As what I know.. Christina Milian is one of the American actress.. but that's not all.. she is also a Grammy Award nominees for R&B and pop singer, she is also a songwriter a record producer, dancer and a former MTV host..
This hot sexy singer is from New Jersey.. Her first significant role was a reporter named Tina Flores on the Disney Channel's Movie Surfers show. While she's in that role, she also appeared in different movies in a minor roles such as in American Pie and contributed her cute voice in the movie A Bugs Life. And she also has a television series guest appearance in Charmed, Smart Guy, Clueless, Get Real, The Amanda Show and The Steve Harvey Show.
It was year 2000 when she made her official musical appearance on Ja Rule's second studio album where she performs as a guest vocals on Ja Rule's song "Between Me and You". Christina Milian co-wrote and provided backing vocal's for Jennifer Lopez's 2001 album J.Lo. That's the time where she begun her reputation being a singer. After that, year 2001 when she released her first album entitles "AM to PM", off her self-titled album. The said song become a worldwide hit reaching the top 5 in UK and in Denmark and in other part of the world. When You Look at me is her second single was another international hit. Milian also provided the theme song for the Disney series Kim Possible, "Call Me Beep Me" which is also a big hit. In 2002, she collaborated with Paris Hilton Christmas album Santa Claus Lane on the song "I herd Santa on Radio".
She has been nominated in Grammy for "Best Contemporary R&B Album" in 2005 when her album It's About time sell 385,000 copies. "Dip it Low" which is the albums first single is Christina Milians biggest hit, when it reached a top 1 on a world composite dance chart. The said single was certified Gold by the RIAA for digital sales.
May 16, 2006 when she released her third album entitles So Amazin' . This album was failed to reach the top10 in Billboard 200 it only saw minor international success. September of the same year she won the Ozone Award for Best Female R'n'B by Ozone Magazine. November 22 when she released her compilation album "The Best of Christina Milian" it was released under Universal International.
She's been compaired by J. Lo because of her soulful voice and groovy moves that can make the dance floor go bumpin'. She has the funkiest dance maneuvers. With her cute face and a hot and sexy body you will actually be amazed on every moves she makes...