Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hot and Sexy Avril..

Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley

After seeing her sings beautiful rock music with her debut album Let Go which was released in 2002. Winning lots of awards with her different albums. Selling millions of copies worldwide. And hearing top hits which includes Complicated, Sk8er Boi, I'm with you, My Happy Ending and her latest Girlfriend. Songs that really rock the world. With her personal style in a punk look. Wearing her arm warmers and neckties. Fans also see this sexy lady spitting on people and flipping them off.

Now, you can see Avril in a more different way. Seeing her wearing more revealing clothes and even a topless one. You can see her sexiness in her pictures from the April issue of Arena Magazine. She looks like a caterpillar who transform into a hot and sexy butterfly. This hot and sexy rock star landed at the cover of UK's Arena Magazine to promote her latest album 'the best damn thing'. In this photo shoot she looks very stunning but still have her punky style.

Next sexy pictures is when this sexy punkista graces the cover of 'Blender magazine' June edition. In this photo shoot she posed topless. Yes, you read it right topless. After criticizing Britney Spears now you will see her in a cover of the said magazine TOPLESS. She even do have a photo shoot and become the cover of Cosmogirl Magazine. In her photos to said magazine. You won't even believe that this hot and sexy punk girl is married. You can even say that she look younger than her age.

Maybe there are a lot more things we can see Avril Lavigne. For me, even if Avril don't wear revealing dresses she still look hot and sexy. Avril Lavigne Rockzz!!..