Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hot and Sexy Decided to retire....

I love theater. My entrance broke on stage tonight. Crazy. But those are the moments. I’m having best time. I want to be in Vegas forever. So glamorous. I'm rehearsing another illusion tonight. I'm definitively staying till December. Then who knows. No more TV or film. This is what I love doing. It’s so over the top. “ said Pam Anderson in her personal blog.

After being in front of the lime light since 1989. This hot and sexy 40 years old sex symbol wanted to retire in acting. Her career as an actress will last till December.

Pamela Anderso, hot and sexy actress started her career as a model at the age of 22. Her first major break is when she posed on Playboy magazine October 1989 issue cover. She went to Los Angeles to continue her modeling career. She appeared several times in Playboy magazine and become a cover girl of Playmate. Then this hot and sexy model went on a breast augmentation. That's the reason why she had that beautiful hot body.

It was year 1991 when this sexy model had a minor role in a sitcom, Home Improvement because of her great acting and her hot and sexy body she landed a role in Baywatch as C.J. Parker in the year1992-1997. Which enables her to gain popularity. Aside from that she still appears on severalmagazines. She's really in-demand at that time.

Aside from tv shows and appearing in different magazines' cover. This hot and sexy voluptuos woman

appears on several movies such as Barb Wire (1996) it is a remake of Casablanca. She portrays the role of Barbara Rose Kopetski. April 1997 when this hot and sexy actress striptease in the Saturday Night Live when she invited as a co-host. September 1998 when she produced a show V.I.P. It lasted for just 4 season and cancelled in 2002.

This hot and sexy Hollywood actress is not just an actress, year 2004 when she released a book entitles Stars. Her secind book, Star Struck (2005) which was released in the year 2005.

Another movie of sexy Pamela Anderson isFX Sitom Stacked she play the role of Skyler Dayton. Roast of Pamela Anderson was created for her to be honored as apast symbol. Year 2006 is the relesad of a comedy film “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan “.

Now after does achievements that makes the hot and sexy author . She will resigned at the age of 40. She said that she want to take good care of her kids that's the reason why she's retirong to her beloved job.

Pamela Anderson might not have won any box-office award. But as soon as the day of her retirement come. I know all of the fans of Hot and Sexy Pamela Anderson will be very proud of her