Friday, November 16, 2007

Hayden Panettiere Hot and Sexy Young Actress Wanted?!

Hot and sexy Young actress Hayden Panettiere is being hunted by Japanese authorities. The Japanese authorities issued an arrest warrant for Hayden Panettiere after the said actress violently clashed with the Japanese Fisherman when she tried to save hundreds of dolphins for being slaughtered. More on E!

This hot and sexy actress was part of a group of activist from U.S and Australia to protest the annual slaughter of dolphins and whales by the fisherman in Japan.

After being stabbed by some fishing hooks still Hayden shows how she felt about the said killing. Hayden already know the said issue and she's not afraid of being jailed as she said "Potentially jail, but I doubt it... I guess they could come here and get us, but probably not."


DVD Sales Online said...

hmm, got to find this FHM magazine with the mag cover of her for sure ahahaha. I'm interested to know who she is in a way... ^_^