Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh My!!.. Britney Spears Strikes Again!!..

As you could notice, I am not featuring lots of news about Britney Spears. Why? well, I find her very annoying because of what she's doing. And the only thing that we can say is. "What happen to the hot and sexy actress that we used to idolize before?"

To tell you honestly, I am a fan of Britney Spears before. I think that was during my high school days. We usually dance as group along with the music of Britney Spears.

Until the time we heard the news about Britney Spears being married and divorced on the same date. We are all shock about what we heard. But, we don't have any worries we still find her nice and she still stand the other pop singer at that time (that's what he think).

But now, after a few years the hot and sexy pop singer that we used to idolize are going wild. She's always on the spot light. Not because she's still famous because of some good songs that she's singing but because of the things that she did for the past few months.

Let us just set aside the changes on her body. I will just mention some of the ridiculous things that she did. She shave her hair, she lost her custody to her children. She just gone wild.

After celebrating her 26th birthday, she steals a lighter on a store I think on a gasoline station after purchasing a pack of gum.

[+/-] I just got the video of the said stealing on X17.


mido ban said...

as we all see, britney is just getting attention to the public eye. she's appealing and making some scandalous scenarios that I think she also like for herself to happen...