Sunday, August 12, 2007


Some of the hot and sexy celebrities was spotted on the beach this week. Here are some of them:

Sienna Miller was spotted in Island of Ibiza spending holidays with P. Diddy. Some sources said that Sienna was invited by P. Diddy to stay in his luxury suite. They also spotted partying at a nightclub DC-10 on the said beach.

Here are the other pictures taken at the Island of Ibiza..

Next is Cameron Diaz. This hot and sexy actress was spotted on the beach of Waikiki, Hawaii looks hot on her bikinis with Justin Timberlake. As the story goes they went there not just for vacation but also to buy a house worth $25million. They want to buy a house there because they both love visiting the said place and they both enjoy surfing and relaxing.

Some pictures at the Waikiki, Hawaii Beach

Another hot and sexy celebrity who spend her holidays on a beach is Paris Hilton. She went on a beach party in Malibu. After being in jail in just a few days she's enjoying her life being free again. Now her mother is pampering her. She spotted hot and sexy with her camouflage swimsuite and greejn short.

Paris Hilton's picture at Malibu