Tuesday, August 14, 2007


What's the latest news about the hot and sexy ALIAS girl?..

Well, after seeing her in numerous shows. Press people saw her on the premiere of Bourne Ultimatum with her husband Ben Affleck for them to be able to support Ben Affleck's best friend Matt Damon.

We usually saw Jennifer Garner so hot and sexy with every dress that she wear in every tv series and even movies where she starred. mid-1990's when Garner appears in different television shows such as Zoya(1995) it is a made for television movie, it is based on “Danielle Steel novel”, 1996 Harvest of Fire where hot and sexy Garner featured as a Amish bride, Rose Hill (1997), Significant Others(1998), Time of your Life(1999-2000), Felicity(1998-1999), Dude Where's My Car?(2000) where she portray a role as a girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher. Last 2001, she appeared as a nurse in movie Pearl Harbor. Also in that year she starred on a television series ALIAS, where she played as Sydney Bristow.

A spy drama ALIAS hot and sexy Jennifer Garner won Best Actress award for Television Series – Drama that was January 22, 2002 Golden Globes. The said series conclude due to Jennifer Garner pregnancy but inspite of that it became successful. This hot and sexy actress also received several awards for the said tv series. She received four nominations in Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actress in Drama Series”, an actor award from “Screen Actors Guild for 2005”. she also had the opportunity to direct the fourth episode of her television series Alias which is “In Dreams” that is aired on the month of May. And she even have the opportunity to be in 70th place in Forbes Power 100 list of celebrities in 2005.

After earning an estimated US $14 M.Hot and sexy Jennifer Garner rested for almost a year after giving birth. January 2007 when she appears again on lime light with a romantic comedy entitled Catch and Release. She even formed a production company and was planning to produce a film this year.

Before we talk about that plans which will be part of my article next time. Let's talk about the looks of Jennifer Garner. We see Jennifer garner fight in Alias but even though she have some fight at that tv series she still looks hot and sexy the way she do her martial arts. But, recently at the premier of Bourne Ultimatum, Jennifer Garner accompanied by her husbnd Ben Affleck looks like had a new look. Some people said that she look like a nun with her simple black and white mini and peep-toe Christian Louboutin pumps. But for me, she still looks hot and pretty with those smile.