Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot and Sexy Chinese Actress – Refuses to stop stripping?

Bai Ling picture

"I believe the human body is basically a gift. It needs to be cherished, respected and celebrated. I love being naked. I think it's the human mind that is dirty not the body." This line was came from a hot and sexy Chinese Actress Bai Ling. After posing naked in several magazine such as Playboy Magazine and photographed in revealing pictures. This sexy Chinese actress said that she won't stop stripping.

Bai Ling who was born in China attained fame in United State. Her name means “White Spirit” in their dialect. She became a rising sexy actress on both sides of the Pacific. She is raised by a typical family in Chinese on October 10, 1961. Her father was persecuted during the Chinese Revolution. During her childhood, she found her self as a very shy girl and she expresses her feelings through acting and performing. She participated in different extra curricular activities during her elementary time such as Eight model play. After that she managed to pass the People's Liberation Army's exam, she became an artist soldier at Linzhi, Tibet. She also served as a nurse in the army. And then, after three years she was discharged from the army and joined People's Art Theater of Chengdu, she became an artist there. Teng Wenji saw her performance in a stage play Yueqin and Little Tiger.

In 1991, this sexy asian beauty immigrated to United State where she found work in Hollywood. Her first movie is “The Crow” where she portray as a villain. From then, her hot career started in a flash. She started to starred in several movies such as: Wild Wild West (1999), Anna and The King (1999) and many more. Red Corner(1997) is her break-out role in English film. She filmed a scene in Star Wars: Episode III (2005) but it 's cut off during editing. Her latest movie is “The Unit”.

The exotic appeal of Bai Ling makes her look really hot and sexy. Bai Ling's enigmatic appeal has noticed by Hollywood. Her sex appeal tends to come through no matter what role she is in every film she does.

Bai Ling's Chinese beauty was maid her named as one of the “50 Most Beautiful people in the World” by People's Magazine in 1998. She became the 1997 Best Breakthrough Performer in the movie “Red Corner”. Year 2005 when she posed naked in the Magazine Playboy. In that cover she looks really hot and sexy. Last May 9, 2007 she posed naked in a German artist. The sexy actress bare all in the said exhibition of life-size prints at the Berlinale Gallery in Germany.