Friday, August 3, 2007


"I feel like a lot of people know where I live so it's time to move.” That's what Paris Hilton said in an interview last monday to regain her privacy.

Hot and sexy Hotel heiress decided to move in a new home even if its hard for her. This troubled sexy star plans to purchase a new home which is more secured where she can escape from the eyes of paparazzi. Her 1926 Spanish-style house which is located in West Hollywood, California is now on market for a stunning $4.25M. It became really hard for the saxy actress to regain her privacy after being in jailed last month.

Other than that, according to the news last week. Paris Hilton's grandfather cut off her inheritance because of the embarassing situation that Paris Hilton did such as: the porn video, non-stop partying and 23 day jail sentence. However, don't be so sad Paris Hilton's fans this news is not true. Hot and sexy Paris Hilton is still the sexy heiress and she will inherit over $30M. According to the Hilton senior (Baron Hilton) he will just donate on a charity and his grandchildren will continue the family tradition for philantrophy.

Another bad news is that the reality tv show of hot and sexy celebrities Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie is coming to an end. It is confirmed that the show “The Simple Life” will not be picked up next season by the E! Network. Sadly after two years it comes to an end. According to the network Paris Hilton's viewers saw her on tv all day long because of the issues that the sexy star is facing so, they didn't care more about seeing Paris camping with kids.

Enough for the bad news. I will now list down some of the good news that hot and sexy celebutante facing. Many people think that after all the things happen to the sexy recording artist Paris Hilton had run out of luck. But wait till you read my article..

This hot and sexy star will be having a role in a movie musical 'Repo!' The Genetic Opera. It is a horror rock opera directed by Darren Lynn Bousman it is based on a stage musical. Bousman said that sexy heiress Paris is the right actress for the role, she sang every lines in the musical well. The sexy actress will be portraying the role of the fame-seeking daughter of Geneco(Paul Sorvino). The shooting of the said movie will be on September in Canada.

Next good news is that, hot and sexy Paris Hilton will launch a signature line of shoes with Antebi Footwear Group. Paris Hilton's goal is to create a stylish line from head to toe. The collection which is inspired by the hot socialite cutting edge style is expected to hit the store in the year 2008.

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