Friday, August 24, 2007

Hot and Sexy Jenna Jameson... A Cancer Survivor!...

Hot and sexy Jenna Jameson

Hot and sexy Jenna Jameson is the best known world's famous adult filmmaker.. it was November 2004 when her dermatologist diagnosed that she has a malignant melanoma..

On that day, Jenna Jameson went to her dermatologist to treat her aching back.. not just a dislocated veins found but also her doctor discovered a misshapen mole.. the sexy pornographic American actress was shocked at that time..

But, that's not the only news that this sexy actress received.. before she undergo some operations.. she undergo a blood test.. through that blood test it was discovered that this hot and sexy porn star is two months pregnant.. but due to stress because of the malignant melanoma.. she miscourage and lost her baby..

After a month, the said malignant mole was excised and now this hot and sexy porn star are 100% cancer survivor..

Last August 1, this hot and sexy adult film star visited Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Garth Fisher she told him that she wants her breast implants to be removed.. the said operation last within three hours and after three weeks from a D-cup her breast became C-cup.. She had her implants removed because she felt uncomfortable..

After that breast implants removal.. she decided to retire from adult filmmaking.. a reporter ask her who will be replacing her to the said title.. She named three of the hot and sexy star in this generation which is Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams and Sienna Miller..


Ageless said...

My goodness...I'm surprised I never heard about this. I hope she's doing alright!