Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Keira Knightly.. A Hot and Sexy Brunette

Know this hot and sexy Brunette?.. She's one of the flat chested celebrity in Hollywood.. but I found her so hot and sexy because of her alluring sex appeal.. she's also one of skinny celebrities.. but still looks so pretty..
This hot and sexy actress is Keira Knightly.. a 23 years old actress from England.. she began acting at the age of 7.. she appears on different television series up to mid 1990's.. this hot and sexy American actress first appearance in big screen is when she portrays the role of Queen Amidala's decoy in a science fiction movie "Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace" that was year 1991.. followed by a 2001 movie "Robin Hood" in which she played the role of Gwyn the daughter of Robin Hood the Princess of thieves.. during that time she also appeared on different movies..
"Bend it like Beckham" it's the movie where she received her breakthrough role as Juliette Paxton, which is really a success.. after having a role in this English football-themed film.. she became one of the cast of Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.. it was a big budgeted film with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.. she portray the role of an independent and spirited young woman Elizabeth Swann.. it was a big hit.. and through this movie this sexy actress was named as the new "it" girl..
The acting career of this hot American actress was surely started to bloom.. after appearing on those films.. she also appear in a romantic comedy film "Love Actually".. after this her next film is the movie "King Arthur" that was year 2004.. at her age of 19 she appeared as a tough Guinevere..
Year 2005, she appeared on 3 films which is, The Jacket, Tony Scott's Domino and Pride and Prejudice..
2006, when she portray again the role of Elizabeth Swann in the sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and its another sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End which was released last May 24, 2007.. just like the first Pirates of the Caribbean it's also a big hit..
September 7, 2007 is the release date of her next movie "Atonement" where she portray the role of Cecilia Tallis.. maybe we'll have to wait what's her character now..
By the way for some information.. Keira Knightly is Maxim.com one of the Hot 100 Girl.. maxim magazine saw the pictures of Keira in Pirates of Caribbean so hot and sexy!!!.....


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