Friday, September 21, 2007

Hot and Sexy Alicia Silverstone Bares it All..

Whow!!.. Look at that video!. Alicia Silverstone is really hot and sexy. This is her own way to promote vegetarianism. She was voted as the sexiest female vegetarian of 2004. She bared it all for the 30 seconds TV commercial for the campaign launched by PETA.

As you began playing this video, you will see this hot and sexy 30-year old actress pulling herself out of the pool. Follows by a shot at the edge of the swimming pool with her back to the camera revealing her sexy butt and some close-up of her face.

Alicia Silverstone is very proud of her lifestyle today claiming that there's nothing in the world change her. She feels better and she have so much more energy when she become a vegetarian.
Well, lets all admit it. She really does looks very hot and sexy at her age. After being a fashion model, American actress and now a hot and sexy vegetarian.


Ezhel Romero said...

I really loke Alicia, nothing has changed. She still the pretty girl I used to's good to see her posted.