Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hot and Sexy R&B Singer Rihanna...

Robyn Rihanna Fenty also known as Rihanna..the hot and sexy Umbrella singer..

Rihanna's music career starts year 2005.. when she release her debut album Music of the Sun that was August 2005 via Def Jam Records.. it has twelve songs and the remix of Pon de Replay.. the said album top #10 in Billboard and #2 on Top R&B/Hip hop albums.. it sells almost 69,000 copies.. Rihanna said that the said album was released after she was discovered in their home.. her second album was released shortly after her first album..

A Girl Like Me
is her second album.. Ne-yo contributed writing to this album.. it was also released by Def Jam Records on April 19, 2006.. according to an interview Rihanna said that much of the music that she sang in this album are songs that she would never have sung before..this album featured an original song..

Her third album entitled "Good Girl Gone Bad".. this album was released mostly in Europe last June 4, 2007.. and June 5, 2007 in US..
The said album was more up and mid tempo melodies according to Rihanna.. its first single "Umbrella" which featured Jay-Z reach number 1 in various countries including US.. it top #1 in UK for 10 consecutive weeks..

Well.. enough of her albums.. Lets talk about how hot and sexy she is.. i think she was destined to be one of the R&B princesses.. because she has the talent that is very undeniable..
she's only 19 but still she looks so hot the way she groove can make every men dance beside her.. she's so sexy with those revealing outfit that she wear.. and with those awards that she received.. well, fans out there have to wait for her next groove..