Sunday, September 2, 2007

So Hot and Sexy J.Lo

She is the richest Hispanic in Hollywood according to the website "A Socialite's Life".. the multi-talented.. hot and sexy Jennifer Lynn Lopez popularly known as J.Lo..
At her age of 38 years old she still looks so hot in every groove and every songs that she makes.. who would ever think that this sexy American singer is 38..
she is not just a singer and a dancer.. she can also act and she starred in different movies and some television programs..
but before she became a multi awarded artist.. she became a fly girl dancer on the television comedy program "in living color" that was year 1991.. year 1997 when she played the lead roles portraying the role of Selena.. for which she was nominated in Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy..
after that successful movie.. she was named as the first Latin actress to get paid $1Million or more for a film.. (that's a big money eh!!..)
February 22, 1997, when she marry her first husband Ojani Noa.. their marriage didn't last.. the said marriage was divorced March 1998..
June 1, 1999 when this hot and sexy actress released her debut album entitled "On the 6".. two of her songs in that album became very popular at that time.."If you had my life" and "Waiting for tonight".. the said album make this sexy actress very popular and nominated in Grammy Award in the Best Dancing Recording category..after that debut album there are lots of projects that J.Lo received.. and she even had plenty of recordings at that time..
Even though J.Lo don't have that box office film.. She's been listed in Guinness Book of World Records as the most powerful actress..She was on the Hollywood Reporter's list of the top ten actress salaries in 2002, 2003, and 2004.. she received a stunning $15 Million in the movie Monster-in-law..
from rags to reaches hot and sexy Jennifer Lopez reaches the peek.. that's the proof that everyone or anyone can do whatever they wants with hard work, talent and a little bit of luck...