Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vannessa Hudgens looks so sweet....

Look its Vannessa Hudgens.. isn't she look so sweet??
this hot and sexy American actress is best known as Gabriella Montez in the Musical Romance movie High School Musical.. she is Vannessa Anne Hudgens a.k.a. Vannessa Hudgens.. she manage to look so hot with her casual look...
this 18 year-old actress starts her career year 2003 when she appeared in a Hollywood films Thirteen and Thunderbirds, before reaching the peak..
Her career starts to boost when she starred in the movie High School Musical.. together with Zac Efron.. that was last year 2006..
I think High School Musical is a great movie.. that's the first time I saw this sexy actress.. I love the way she sings.. as I remember the first time I hear her singing I think she sings from the bottom of her heart together with Troy Bolton (Zac Efron)..
Some are saying that this movie is kinda boring.. but I find it entertaining.. seeing them performing and singing different songs.. I love their song "Start of Something new"..
watching this movie feels like I'm back in my High School life... whow!!... reminiscing eh!??..
as what my not that good memory remembers.. (hehe... sometimes I do have that what you called memory gap).. this movie start in a party.. at a ski lodge I think that's their Christmas break.. they were forced to sing.. together.. they sing the song "Start of Something new" which is included in the soundtrack of the said movie.. after that song number they became friends.. but they didn't expect to see each other again..
It happens that Gabriella's mother's company transferred her to another home in New Mexico.. where Troy lives.. and Gabriella transfered to the school where Troy is studying.. they saw each other there.. and accidentally gets into a detention because of cellphone.. that's where it started..
Gabriella is a member of a science club and Troy is a varsity player and his coach is his own father.. without any consent.. of their friends they decided to join the school's musical.. on the audition with Sharpay and Ryan.. they both got the callback.. when their friends knew about their plan.. they thin k of their own plan for them (Troy and Gabriella) not to be able to attend the call back.. but they end up helping Troy and Gabriella.. the call back is the same date and time with the quiz bee and the basketball game.. so their friends planned to stop the game and end the quiz bee..
because of the help of their friends Gabriella and Troy got the lead role of the said school musical..
whow!!... i think that's the shortest synopsis I could ever tell.. hehe..
because of the success of the High School Musical.. its now have a second sequel.. which will be shown on Disney channel this coming September 9.. I can't wait to watch the High School Musical 2..
Vannessa Hudgens still play the role of Gabriella and Zac as Troy..
By the way, this month.. the debut album of Vannessa will be released entitled V.. she just signed on Hollywood Records which is a Disney-owned record label...with her first single "Come Back to me"..
I say Vannessa has managed to reach the top after that movie.. but I know there's more to come...